It has been five days since sophomore bioengineering major and Grove resident Sarah NeCamp reported mold in her room, but Grove management still has not taken care of the problem.

The Cardinal received this response yesterday from Campus Crest regarding NeCamp’s room:

“It is true that the resident you mention reported an issue with her unit on Monday, September 8th and we had a professional abatement company treat her unit the next day, Tuesday, September 9th. To ensure the issue was properly addressed, the same company conducted an inspection the next day as well. We take every resident complaint very seriously and work to address any reported issues in a timely manner. As we have mentioned in the past, our residents safety and well-being is our top priority.”

But NeCamp said the mold is still there.

” I don’t know what they meant when they said they treated it on Tuesday,” she said. “It’s still there, though, and I don’t know when they’re going to get rid of it. I appreciate the effort The Grove has put forward to correct the problems they’re facing, and I understand that they are under a lot of stress. However, it is also stressful for me to have to take 17 credit hours, be sick, and not even be able to feel safe sleeping in my own bed. I just hope they deal with things more efficiently next time.”