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The Louisville Cardinal, an independent student newspaper, serves the community on and around the University of Louisville campuses in Louisville, Kentucky. The Cardinal publishes weekly during the spring and fall semesters, and once at the beginning of the summer.

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If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact any of the editorial staff regarding an article or story idea. We welcome your contributions.

Press Releases
[email protected]

The Louisville Cardinal
Houchens Building, LL07
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292

Newsroom: (502) 852-6728
Advertising: (502) 852-0667

Editor-in-Chief / Maggie Vancampen / [email protected]

Assistant Editor-in-Chief / Jo Garcia / [email protected]

Copy and Social Editor / Haeli Spears / [email protected]

News Editor / Matthew Keck / [email protected]

Features Editor /  /

Sports Editor / Gabriel Wiest  / [email protected]

Opinion Editor / Ben Goldberger / [email protected]

Creative Director / Shayla Kerr / [email protected]

Photo Editor / Anthony Riley / [email protected]


Ralph Merkel
[email protected]

Business Manager
Lisa Potter
(502) 852-0667
[email protected]

Advertising Manager
(502) 852-0667
[email protected]

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  1. Hello, my name is John Ballard and I was wondering where i could get old articles from your paper. you wrote an article back in the 40’s about my great grandfather who i am researching, but i only have a small clipping of what the article says. If you get back to me soon, i would appreciate it very much. and just in case you need it, his name was Merlin Kehrer, and the article i am looking for is titled “Merlin Kehrer is U. of L. ace.” Thanks for your time.

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