By Joe Wilson —

On May 25, UofL announced it is partnering with the UofL Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute to build a new campus in downtown Louisville. Named the New Vision of Health Campus, the facility will advance research on environmental impacts of health.

Located on West Muhammad Ali Boulevard, the campus will consist of two buildings and a garden totaling 133,000 square feet.

This expansion of UofL’s campus comes alongside the financial contribution of Christina Lee Brown, a health advocate from Louisville. Brown plans to give $30 million over 20 years. Moreover, Brown will allow the rent-free use of buildings to the university, a $17 million in-kind donation. In sum, Brown’s financial support totals to an estimated $47 million, marking the largest philanthropic gift in UofL’s history.

In addition, UofL said Aruni Bhatnagar, the director of the UofL Envirome Institute and professor of medicine, will lead the research.

The UofL Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute was created in 2018. Since then, the Institute has studied the transmission of COVID-19 and the health impacts of smoking and vaping. The Institute also began the Green Heart Project, which studies Louisville’s air quality impact on health.

Brown said she hopes the new research will increase health equity. “To grow from our past and promote long, fulfilling lives, we shouldn’t chase any single cause. We live in a complex, interdependent world where history is our shared legacy and health is our shared aspiration. By honestly recognizing our common stories, we can frame a new vision of health which unifies us. It can inspire healthier lives, healthier communities and a healthier world.”