By Daniel Rankin —

The start of October saw the return of one of Louisville’s longest, and most cherished, tradition: the 65th Annual St. James Court Art Show.

Over fall break, local residents and students were able to spend their weekend admiring arts and crafts created by over 650 artists.

Located in Old Louisville, many were able to enjoy the show’s atmosphere and environment as a start to the autumn season.

“The setting is great,” said sophomore Ryan Raccioppio, “I love Old Louisville and having people down here.”

He also stated that an evening out during fall midterms is always appreciated. “I was excited to go after class and grab a couple of buddies to check it out,” he said.”It’s super fun, and I like all the local artists.”

Along with Raccioppio, fellow sophomore Aditi Kanotra agreed that seeing the art show was a nice break from college life.

“I was looking forward to it this week and am really happy I came,” Kanotra said. “It’s definitely an experience and [there’s] always something new to see.”

While observing the victorian 4-square block, you could tell it wasn’t just the magnificent art that put everyone in such a pleasant mood. It was also being able to walk around, see your fellow classmates, and interact with your friends and family.

“I’ve really liked seeing everyone again,” said sophomore political science major Mercy Muluberehan. “Just getting out and feeling like normal. [It’s] exactly the right way to spend a Friday night.”

While the St. James Court Art Show concluded its successful weekend over fall break, students can still see more beautiful artwork at The Speed Art Museum: Kentucky’s oldest, and largest, art museum located on campus. Admission is free for U of L students.

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Rankin // The Louisville Cardinal