By Eli Hughes–

The University of Louisville’s overall enrollment is up by 3.2% since Spring 2020 despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

However, undergraduate and professional school enrollment are both down after U of L saw an all-time high in enrollment last semester of more than 23,000 students.

18,920 students across undergraduate, graduate and professional programs enrolled at U of L this semester. 410 of those students were new students and 476 were transfer students. 12,785 undergraduate, 4,596 graduate students, 1,449 professional school students enrolled in classes for the spring 2021 semester.

Most undergraduate students enrolled in a mix of online, hybrid and face-to-face classes this semester, with 72%  of students falling into this category.

23% of students are only enrolled in online classes, whereas 3% of students are enrolled in hybrid classes and only 1% of students are enrolled in only face-to-face classes.

There was also a large increase in dual credit and visiting high school enrollment, which was up 36.4% from spring 2021.

File Photo // The Louisville Cardinal