By Maggie Vancampen —

Dean Kimberly Kempf-Leonard is stepping down from her position as Dean of Arts and Sciences at the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

Her email to the A&S faculty details how she is proud of her six years at the University of Louisville. Her final goals as dean are to implement a new budget model to highlight both entrepreneurial activity and other complex opportunities across all departments, and change staff reorganization based on the new university procedures.

“Ever leader has ‘a season;’ mine at U of L has been remarkable, even against the backdrop of this challenging moment for higher eduction,” Kempf-Leonard said in the email.

“I am proud of what we’ve accomplished together as our research, teaching, and service achievements have not diminished.”

University Provost Beth Boehm said in a later email, “That said, it should be noted that her work on the Rowan Building in West Louisville and her leadership in establishment of the Belknap Academic Building (BAB) have left an indelible mark on U of L.”

She said that A&S has added new staff, made new programs and changed general education in her tenure. “We also have worked to bring greater recognition to achievements and opportunities through expanded awards, grants, and scholarships,” she said in her email.

“I know that you will hear from the Provost soon about steps in hiring my successor. I envy that person because you people and this institution are very special,” she said in her email.

Boehm said she will meet with the College’s faculty and staff to hear their suggestions and preferences for the next dean, including discussing when the search will begin.

Kempf-Leonard was unavailable for additional comments.

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal