January 7, 2019

ULPD faced busy winter break

University of Louisville Police - Crime - ULPD

University of Louisville Police - Crime - ULPD

By Sam Combest– 

The University of Louisville Police Department faced a busy winter break with numerous theft and burglary cases on campus.

Theft under $500 was up with 15 reported cases this December. One case was a stolen bicycle.

Cases of burglary in the second degree were up from two in 2017 to seven.

According to KRS 511.030, burglary in the second degree is defined as entering or remaining in a dwelling (dorm, apartment, or house). Burglary in the second degree is also a class C felony.

ULPD Chief of Police Gary D. Lewis Jr. said, “charges and classifications are guided by the prosecutors office based on what would be most applicable in court.”

Burglary in the third degree cases were roughly the same with four cases in 2017 and three in 2018.

According to Lewis, most cases of burglary could have been prevented by locking residences and cars.

ULPD collaborated on an investigation with Louisville Metro Police Department on a Dec. 19 case. Three tractor-trailers were stolen from Cardinal Stadium’s south parking lot.

Lewis said the trucks were not U of L property.

There was private security guarding the property with the trailers. ULPD primarily did follow-up work, while LMPD took the lead. All three trailers have been recovered and suspects were arrested.

As a way to curb bicycle theft over break, ULPD and University Housing created a partnership. They shared safety tips and increased their presence in and around the housing facilities. There was only one reported case of bicycle theft.

ULPD announced a Pilot program with the U of L Health Science Campus Jan. 3.

“This new pilot program aims to be proactive to potential crime,” said Lewis.

The program will increase man power, increase engagement and overall footprint at HSC.

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