By Sam Combest — 

Staff at the University of Louisville will experience an extended winter break similar to that of faculty and students for the first time.

University spokesperson John Karman said non-essential staff will get to take off for the holidays a little early.

“All staff members are entitled to the break,” he said.

“Offices and clinics that must remain open for patient care, public safety or end-of-year operations and essential staff members will be notified by their supervisors and will receive a similar amount of leave time at another time.”

This extended break also includes administration, though Karman said, “They are likely to be at meetings or other duties to perform during this period.”

The leave started as a suggestion made by staff constituency trustee John Smith according to Karman.

This extended break will close the university from Dec. 17 to Jan. 1.

President Neeli Bendapudi sent an email notifying faculty and staff members of the extended holiday Sept. 10.

“There is no question that it is the people who make a place. It is your contributions that make this university a great place to learn, work, and invest,” the email said.

Karman said the extension is a one-year measure that was approved by all deans and vice presidents.

Gallery Image / The Louisville Cardinal