August 23, 2018

Get acquainted with Acquainted Strangers

By Sam Combest —

Acquainted Strangers is a fitting name for a southern indie band comprised of nothing short of strangers who quickly became acquainted through the power of music. The group played in front of a lively crowd at the Kentucky State Fair on Aug. 18.

This quirky crew met through a series of fortunate events and mysterious timing ultimately leading to a band with the combined goal of “total domination.”

Bassist Ian Truax said he hopes the band will “be like Post Malone and blow up overnight.”

The Acquainted Strangers are more than acquainted with U of L. Truax and lead vocalist Andy Burch are current students. Lead guitarist John Block and keyboardist Kyle Soards also went to U of L. Drummer Austin Armstrong is the only member who didn’t attend.

Though the band is new to performing live together, they have been recording in local studios for the past few months.

They may be new to one another but not to sharing moments together as they recalled their nightmare of a first show.

“Our first show, we get called to play at the absolute last minute. I’m talking this show is on Sunday, we get the call Friday night. We knew nothing about the venue, we show up and it ended up being a small 20×20 room,” Truax said. “This was not a paid gig, this guy texted us asking if we could do him a favor.”

The band’s name wasn’t on the flyer until they had to ask to be added, and when it was, Truax said it was spelled wrong.

“I was livid, I am such a drama queen. Everything had to be perfect or I was not doing it,” said Burch. “There ended up being a divide in the band on who wanted to play the gig and who didn’t split down the middle two on two. So it all came down to [Armstrong].”

Armstrong decided the band ought to stick to their word and play the show like they said they would. The show went off without a hitch.

There’s no better way to get acquainted with these strangers than to seek future shows such as their upcoming show on August 22 at Mag Bar at 9 p.m.

Photo by Sam Combest / The Louisville Cardinal

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