December 13, 2017

U of L sues Rick Pitino

By Conner Farrell —

The University of Louisville is suing former men’s basketball coach Rick Pitino for monetary damages incurred from the vacation of  NCAA games. This would entail both Final Four appearances and the 2013 national championship.

The university alleges that the coach’s negligence and “wrongful conduct” in current and previous scandals has painted the school in a negative light.

U of L is also seeking “any bonuses and other compensation wrongly paid” to the former coach for any appearances in the NCAA tournament.

The lawsuit, which serves as counterclaim to Pitino’s Nov. 30 breach of contract suit, claims Pitino was in charge of the program when it endured multiple NCAA violations. These violations include the Katina Powell escort scandal and the more recent FBI investigation of the sport itself.

The suit also claims that Pitino was fired because of “conduct over a period of years, including without limitation, his involvement in multiple recent and high publicized scandals involving himself, personally, and the University of Louisville’s men’s basketball team.”

This suit was filed Wednesday, Dec. 13 in federal court.

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File photo / The Louisville Cardinal

1 thought on “U of L sues Rick Pitino

  1. I know this comment isn’t directly related to the story above, but then again it sort of is – UofL, you did absolutely the right thing in taking out the trash regarding Pitino & Jurich – Now, as I sit here on my laptop Dec. 15th looking at Yahoo homepage I see a story that says UofL meeting with a committee in efforts to keep 2013 championship title – C’mon UofL, let this one go, it was won under dubious circumstances (hookered-up players) under dubious “leadership” (Pitino/Jurich/past corrupt president) and simply needs to be let go – You have done the right thing in cleaning house, don’t mess it up by desperately trying to keep a title that should never have been in the first place – When Pitino/Jurich came in they wanted to discount & erase any good that Denny Crum had ever done in years prior…I say give Pitino/Jurich the same courtesy & ignore any ill-gained title such as the 2013 title.

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