November 7, 2017

Faculty Senate votes to suspend paralegal program

Picture by Taylor Cook

By Makayla Gross —

The main topic discussed at the Nov. 1 faculty senate meeting was the suspension of the university’s paralegal program.

Previously, students pursuing a major in criminal justice, law or political science could choose to do paralegal studies through the department of political science.

Faculty members were given the chance to present arguments for and against closure.

The senate asked the criminal justice and law schools to absorb the program, but they declined. After much debate, the senate voted to suspend the program until further notice.

Jonathan Fuller, academic vice president of SGA, told senators that students are concerned about course fees. He said because the fees are not explained on syllabi, many students don’t know what they are paying for.

During the meeting, the SGA also pushed for a more interactive advising system, as some problems with the current system have arisen.

Keith Sherman, executive director of U of L’s Foundation, said the foundation reformed to put U of L first. He said being under audits for 884 days prompted the change.

Part of this change includes the appointing new board members and senior leadership, which he said gives a fresh perspective. Sherman said the foundation strives to find safe, reliable financial support for the university by accepting donations.

“The foundation has spent more money than it’s made,” said Sherman.

The U of L Foundation’s tasked to stay beholden to the university, financially supporting it through donations and fundraising.

The next faculty senate meeting is Dec. 6.

1 thought on “Faculty Senate votes to suspend paralegal program

  1. I graduated from paralegal program at Morehead State in 1994 before coming home to UL in 1995/1996 to work on M.A.T. in Elementary Education – Back in early 90’s paralegal programs were being heavily advertised on television commercials – When I entered Morehead State after two years (90-92) at JCC I had no intention or desire to be a paralegal, I was pushed into that major by parent who said it was either a bachelor’s degree or the military (never mind H. Bush had just gone to war with Iraq in Gulf War, Episode 1) – Anyway, I finished paralegal program at Morehead then came to to go for M.A.T in education – A few years went by & the real estate bubble was in effect and I fell ass backwards into becoming a real estate paralegal for a number of Louisville title companies and a major Louisville law firm owned by Tom Cruise’s uncle, I worked in real estate title field for approximately 10-11 years up through 2008, I am still surrounded by it via assisting a self-employed family member who still does it – Well, after the housing bubble burst in 2008 the rest of the economy tanked but the real estate title market had a second boom, you see the real estate title market booms in bubbles & it booms in terrible economies – Between 2008 up until recent year or two we boomed with forclosure work and work from real estate investors taking advantage of the bad market – Now that the economy is stabalizing with no boom or bust present the title market is going bust, simply too many people got into the field during the boom and now there are too many people in the field and not enough work to spread around – Having been a paralegal for many years I have witnessed that most law firms do not respect paralegals, especially male paralegals with experience, many law offices are run by sexist lawyers who would rather pay a young attractive female who is nice to look at but whom they can pay a lower salary than a male with experience, and most of the female paralegals I have seen through the years are treated more as secretaries than as professionals – Perhaps the glory years of college paralegal programs have passed and maybe it’s time they did – Why pay expensive college tuition on a program that you will be looked at like a glorified secretary – The only way to make real money as a paralegal is to be self employed and even then you have to struggle with lawyers who won’t pay their vendors for title exams, surveys, appraisals and even the ones who do attempt to water down your prices to nothing and if they don’t pay they are protected by the Louisville Bar Association who gives them $1,000 leeway to not pay vendors before they say anything to them

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