Poppin’ pizza places: where to get the best slice in Louisville


By Briana Williams–

If you’re not one of the lucky ones who’ll be traveling somewhere over spring break, you’ll probably spend it in your room, catching up on shows and eating pizza. Louisville has no shortage of pizza places and many of them have better pizza than the big chains.

Mellow Mushroom is a favorite and the host of many percentage nights for U of L organizations. The restaurant has a wide variety of interesting pizza options and stands out from other pizza places because it sells burgers as well. The burgers are pretty good, but the pizza is the real star of Mellow Mushroom.

From barbecue chicken and smoked bacon pizza to pizza topped with pineapples, jerk chicken and jalapeños, Mellow Mushroom is easily one of the most unique menus of any pizza place.

Wick’s Pizza Parlor & Pub is a local pizzeria that has more traditional menu options and pizza taste, but is equally as delicious. The pizza will be what you know and love, but with the homestyle feel you don’t get from pizza empires like Domino’s or Pizza Hut.

Another local favorite is Spinelli’s. One of Spinelli’s’ most outrageous pizzas is the chicken and waffles pizza. Topped with a sweet base sauce, mozzarella cheese, fried chicken, waffles and a drizzle of maple syrup, the pizza is impressive and daunting.

The taco pizza is another unique masterpiece that has taco sauce, mozzarella and cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and beef. If you’re not feeling too adventurous, the restaurant offers more traditional pizzas which are just as amazing to sink your teeth into.

A pizzeria with an authentic feel is Bearno’s. Bearno’s pizza is tame compared to that of a chicken and waffles pizza, but it has pizzas that’ll satisfy your craving for a huge slice of pizza.

Trying all of these places out is where the struggle begins, but with spring break you’ll hopefully have plenty of time to check out these different restaurants. At the very least, you can say you had some weird pizza.

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