By Paul Logsdon

Students from Kentucky’s public universities will rally for higher education in Frankfort Feb. 13 at 1 p.m.

According to Student Government Association President Aaron Vance, the rally is being held to fight state budget cuts to higher education. One goal is to hold the Kentucky Lottery accountable for fulfilling its required funding of higher education in Kentucky as a part of the Powerball Promise. Recently, lottery funding has been diverted from need-based scholarships. 

“In order to reverse this trend, we, as students, are taking action,” a petition on the event’s Facebook page says. “We believe our legislature and governor should stand with students and defend higher education for a new generation.”

Governor Matt Bevin will not be speaking, but Attorney General Andy Beshear and Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes are slated to speak. Rep. James Comer – who spearheaded the Powerball Promise – is also scheduled to speak. 


Vance said the KY Board of Student Body Presidents is expecting each of the states public universities to bring 25-50 people, totaling about 200-300 people. U of L’s SGA is planning a convenient and free way for students to attend the rally. Vance said they are planning to take three busses to Frankfort.


“We really want to bring back the rally for higher education and start doing it every year again. In a sense, 2017 will serve as the inaugural year for the rally for higher education,” Vance said.