By Phillip Lentsch–

Damage control was the focus of today’s faculty senate meeting, as the body once again discussed the ongoing search process for a new University of Louisville president.

U of L’s board of trustees has not made any progress towards beginning a search. Due to the stalled agenda, the faculty senate decided to plan accordingly.

In preparation for the eventual search, faculty senate chair Enid Trucios-Haynes put forth a motion to create a senate committee that would advise the board of trustees of possible presidential nominees. The committee would be composed of one faculty senator from each departmental unit, and they’d attempt to work in tandem with the board of trustees in order to find the best choice for president.

“Every president search is different,” senator Kurt Metzmeier said. “Recently, because they’ve become so compressed, we may not play that much of a role, but it’s good to have something for us to show.”

“Having a committee in place puts us in a good position to advocate for greater involvement in this search,” Trucios-Haynes said.

In addition to the discussion of the president search, Acting President Neville Pinto was also present to deliver a update on university.

“It appears that the university is getting back to its normal cycle of affairs,” Pinto said.

Pinto shed light on what is being done to fill some of the vacancies at the U of L Foundation.

“I’m happy to report that we have begun a search for an interim executive director for the foundation,” Pinto said. “It will be a quick process, and we’re hoping to bring someone from the outside to clean up house, in order for the foundation to be in a strong position to hire a permanent executive position.”

Pinto also gave an update on the ongoing NCAA investigation on U of L’s basketball team. There wasn’t much to report, as he wasn’t allowed to discuss any confidential details pertaining to the investigation.

“Unfortunately, we are still in the first step in the process of this investigation,” Pinto said. “We won’t be given a final decision until, at the earliest, April, May, June or July.”

File photo / The Louisville Cardinal