By Kyeland Jackson —

When Governor Matt Bevin abolished the board of trustees and named his own, he may have endangered U of L’s accreditation.

Reported by The Associated Press, a letter from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools president said the university has significant accreditation-related issues. SACS is the accrediting body for U of L.

The SACS letter, received by Acting President Neville Pinto Aug. 25, said U of L may be out of compliance because of former President James Ramsey’s removal, the possible political influence of Bevin’s new trustees and the possibly illegal dismissal of the original board.

“After reviewing the material submitted, we determined that there is evidence of significant accreditation-related issues based on factual information,” SACS President Belle Wheelan’s letter read.

Bevin abolished the board of trustees June 17, calling them dysfunctional, and announced Ramsey would resign as university president. U of L faculty warned the move may violate SACS standards, citing possible political influence on Bevin’s new hand-picked board. While a Franklin Circuit Court judge temporarily halted Bevin’s board, they already negotiated Ramsey’s resignation.

Violation resolutions must be submitted to SACS by Sept. 16. An on-site visit from the accrediting body is expected on April 17.

Read the letter: SACS letter regarding accreditation