Sanders rallies in Louisville during Indiana win


By Olivia Krauth & Kyeland Jackson–

As the votes were tallied for his win in Indiana’s primary, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders spoke to around 7,000 people at Waterfront Park May 3.

The senator discussed his plans for universal healthcare, a higher minimum wage, free college education and criminal justice reform. Sanders’ ideas got the crowd going, frequently receiving cheers and applause.

Sanders also took jabs at Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, saying her secret Goldman Sachs speeches must be written in “Shakespearean prose” to be worth over $250 thousand. Sanders beat Clinton in today’s Indiana primary with 53 percent of the vote.

“Coming together always trumps dividing us up,” Sanders said.

For U of L students Mahogany and Sabrina, it was the first political rally they’ve attended.

“I’m just a really big Bernie supporter and I thought it’d be really interesting to see him in person,” Sabrina said before the rally began.

Sanders’ proposed changes for women, veterans, Native Americans, Hispanics and African Americans made his appeal “even across the board.”

“It was very informative,” Mahogany said after the rally. “He brings real values and real, true morals and things back into our nation.”

Registered Democrats vote in the Kentucky Democratic primary May 17.

Photos by Kyeland Jackson / The Louisville Cardinal

2 thoughts on “Sanders rallies in Louisville during Indiana win

  1. I am a 69 year old hispanic women and yes hearing Sanders and all his promises may sound wonderful, but nothing in life is free. Also, you know nothing about Bernie. Jane is his 3rd or 4th wife. And, while running for Govenor of Vermont and U.S Senate he wrote some disgusting articles about women and girls. One article titles Girl 12 raped by 14 men sells so well.The left is giving Sanders a pass for Obvious reasons they want him to be the nominee because they know that now Donald Trump can beat Bernie Sanders. People need to start asking questions, your votes are very important. My email address is [email protected]. My name is Prestinia (Chris) Chavez

    1. Not only that, his lies about the Pope – THE POPE!!; his comments about ghettos,how guns are used in Vermont, and poor people should make all minorities and those supporting them move away from him very quickly. If those fly out of his mouth now, what does he really think of minorities?? Not to mention his campaign staff insulting Latino Dreamers and employing underhandedness to get “endorsements;” letting his supporters harass Elizabeth Warren and BLM for not endorsing him (I’m sure threats go a long way in accomplishing that!); USING the DNC to run, then complaining about them like an entitled brat (how Socialist! NOT. Jill Stein has asked him several times to run with her as a third party, but he never replied – because he does not want HER to be President!). He grabbed the government contract for the most wastefully expensive military expenditure to date – the F-35 bomber – for his lily white state of Vermont (“well, where should it go, South Carolina?” Well, YES, Bernie, they could use the jobs more!! And what about the “Cut military spending!” – just not in MY state? And of course the bomber will be used to drop FLOWERS on ISIS, since he still plans to keep funding that war in Afghanistan and Iran, plus funding Israel – but “No more prolonged war in the Middle East.”Sure, tell ISIS that, I’m sure they’ll give you their full attention. Hypocrite? You decide!) He also voted FOR the Crime and Minuteman militia Bills – no principles there, no matter how he tries to twist it. But of course, HE is allowed to change HIS mind, just no one else, according to his majority white supporters. And they ARE a white majority, look up the census stats for the “Diverse” states he won in. His campaign managers even stated to the media that they expected to “win big in states with majority white voters.” And the clincher – trying to drop NUCLEAR WASTE from VERMONT on a Latino community in Texas, and blowing off the activists who went to Vermont to ask him to reconsider. What a guy.

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