By Olivia Krauth & Kyeland Jackson–

As the votes were tallied for his win in Indiana’s primary, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders spoke to around 7,000 people at Waterfront Park May 3.

The senator discussed his plans for universal healthcare, a higher minimum wage, free college education and criminal justice reform. Sanders’ ideas got the crowd going, frequently receiving cheers and applause.

Sanders also took jabs at Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, saying her secret Goldman Sachs speeches must be written in “Shakespearean prose” to be worth over $250 thousand. Sanders beat Clinton in today’s Indiana primary with 53 percent of the vote.

“Coming together always trumps dividing us up,” Sanders said.

For U of L students Mahogany and Sabrina, it was the first political rally they’ve attended.

“I’m just a really big Bernie supporter and I thought it’d be really interesting to see him in person,” Sabrina said before the rally began.

Sanders’ proposed changes for women, veterans, Native Americans, Hispanics and African Americans made his appeal “even across the board.”

“It was very informative,” Mahogany said after the rally. “He brings real values and real, true morals and things back into our nation.”

Registered Democrats vote in the Kentucky Democratic primary May 17.

Photos by Kyeland Jackson / The Louisville Cardinal