April 20, 2016

Board of Trustees cancels no-confidence discussion

University of Louisville Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

By Kyeland Jackson —

U of L’s Board of Trustees met Wednesday afternoon on the date slated to forward the no-confidence motion in President James Ramsey. However, the board adjourned within a minute, lacking the representation necessary to begin the motion.

The board cannot take action without two minorities representative of Kentucky’s population being appointed. Governor Matt Bevin, currently in a legal battle with Attorney General Andy Beshear, makes those appointments.

The original motion for a no-confidence vote was made March 1. That motion was not processed since it wasn’t formally announced before the meeting.

Since the motion, U of L faculty and students have been polled to see where they stand on the issue. The schools’ majority have expressed no-confidence in Ramsey, as 78 percent of Arts and Sciences, 64 percent of the business school and 68 percent of the law school voted no-confidence.

Robert Hughes, trustee and U of L Foundation chairman, said the votes hold no weight.

“I don’t have a lot of confidence in no-confidence votes,” Hughes said. “A lot of times in no-confidence votes, the scientific methodology was not accurate.”

Hughes said one poll, showing majority support in Ramsey, was sent from the internet address of Grawemeyer Hall offices. Whether it was to show support for Ramsey or prove the poll allowed one person multiple responses, Hughes said poll voters accomplished their goal.

“They would tell you why they did it was to test the methodology to prove the whole darn thing is flawed,” Hughes said.

Hughes also commented on the impending budget cuts which will take $6.5 million from the university in the next fiscal year.

“They’re (the foundation) working on that as we speak. There’s some plans to do things different that will help buffer those cuts,” Hughes said. “It’s fortunate we have a foundation that can do that.”

The next board meeting is scheduled for June 21.

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