April 1, 2016

Bad roommate stories to give you nightmares

By Briana Wiliams–

With the spring semester quickly coming to an end, so are many tumultuous relationships with roommates. While some are looking forward to the last few weeks of classes, others are counting down the days they don’t have to deal with the drama that roommates bring. Here are some of the worst experiences U of L students have been through:

“She (my roommate) gets her wisdom teeth taken out, so she asks if I can help her out with things around the room. Obviously, I do this. I’m just trying to be nice and stuff. I even went to one of her classes for her and took notes during the lecture. After the second day of her ‘recovery’ I catch her out with her friends at Jimmy John’s and she was eating her sandwich pretty aggressively so she never actually had her wisdom teeth removed and I took notes for her and went to her class for nothing.”

“My roommate was from New York City so he never learned how to drive. I offered to teach him and he ran into the back of another car in less than a week.”

“This probably isn’t that big of a deal, but my roommate would blast screamo music whenever she was in the shower and she really liked taking showers when I was trying to sleep.”

“Over the course of a month, my suitemates would have a battle with me and my roommate over whose shower curtain we would use. They didn’t even have one. They had ordered one and hadn’t even arrived yet, but they really didn’t want us to put up ours. I’m not even kidding. They desperately wanted to put up their shower curtain. They literally yelled at us over a shower curtain.”

“There’s a tiny space between the counter and the fridge. I come out of my room one day and I see something down there, but it’s so dark that I have to turn the light on. When I do, there’s a chicken wing, like an entire chicken wing was wedged between that tiny space. One of my roommates and her boyfriend love going to Buffalo Wild Wings. Our other roommate came out to help me get it out, but we can’t move it from that space, so we grab the other girl’s knife and move it out that way. The chicken wing was the most disgusting thing ever, so I threw away the knife along with the chicken wing and my dignity.”

“She (my roommate) is just so dirty and inconsiderate. She asked to borrow one of my shirts and I told her it was okay, but then she thought that was something she could constantly do, so she kept taking my clothes. One day I politely told her to stop and then she snapped at me for being fake.”

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