April 5, 2016

Allen talks today’s U of L in SOTSB

By Olivia Krauth–

Outgoing SGA President Victoria Allen discussed U of L’s climate in the annual State of the Student Body address tonight.

“Today, let us choose to focus less on the peripheral stories and headlines in order to discuss just that, what is most essential to the university: the students,” Allen said.

Allen highlighted student achievements, including standing for diversity and raising money for pediatric cancer during RaiseRED. “During my time as president, I have seen students succeed far beyond what our society tells them they can,” Allen said.

Allen added Governor Matt Bevin’s proposed cuts to higher education stifle U of L and students. “Kentucky is not a state that can afford to be stifled any longer,” Allen said.

U of L’s state-high number of Fulbrights and Kentucky’s only Truman Scholar also received praise, with Allen adding U of L students continue to do well with decreasing amounts of financial support from the state.

U of L’s year of negative press and trustee issues did not escape her criticism.

“Just having students be a part of conversations does not guaranteed we are heard,” Allen said. “Students deserve, and should be treated with, respect so that we are heard and just not listened to.

“While the university dodges headlines, and the child-like bickering of trustees makes news, we must continue to remember what makes this university strong and what truly matters is the student body,” Allen said.

Photo by Roya Fathalizadeh / The Louisville Cardinal


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