March 30, 2016

SGA Senate to hold discussion on vote of no-confidence

SGA update

By Olivia Krauth–

SGA will be voting on an act of no-confidence in President James Ramsey Tuesday.

SGA Executive Board moved to have the vote March 29. The board proposed a resolution, saying, “Be it resolved that the SGA establishes at this time a motion of no confidence in James Ramsey as president of the University of Louisville, president of the foundation or any leadership position related to the University of Louisville.”

This week, council presidents will be gauging student opinions within their respective colleges to inform their votes. SGA Senate Speaker Brandon McReynolds said a standardized survey was created to send to students, but colleges will be sending them out separately.

“Each school here at the university has differing populations and the executive board wanted for councils to be able to gauge their students in the manner they felt best,” McReynolds said.

The full senate will debate and then vote during Tuesday’s senate meeting.

The full senate vote will help inform SGA President Victoria Allen, who sits on U of L’s Board of Trustees. and will be voting in the board’s April 20 vote of no-confidence.

SGA’s proposed resolution cites a range of concerns with Ramsey:

-Ramsey’s behavior in regards to issues of race and diversity

ongoing FBI investigations into potential misuse of funds and appointments of personnel

-issues involving conflict of interest in being both U of L’s president and president of the U of L Foundation

-Ramsey’s “unilateral decision to voluntarily implement a post-season NCAA ban” due to ongoing investigations into the men’s basketball team

-student complaints about Ramsey’s availability for meetings, coupled with resistance to student activist movements

“The SGA is concerned about the future of the University of Louisville, in that the President’s influence has a major affect on the recruitment and retention of high caliber students and faculty, funding and other opportunities afforded to institutions of higher education,” the resolution said, adding SGA is worried about U of L’s national reputation.

“Students are the heart and soul of the University of Louisville,” McReynolds said in a statement. “With this in mind the Student Senate has decided that it can no longer sit back but instead must ensure the student voice is heard within the wider university discussion. As Speaker of the Senate I hope all students will let their representatives know their position on this matter.”

The vote will take place during the next SGA Senate meeting April 5 at 7:30 p.m. in Law School room 275.

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