January 21, 2016

Look forward to spring break fashion

By Peyton Schmidt–

Ah, spring break, I can practically feel the sand beneath my toes and smell the salty sea breeze. I long for the days where I look out my window to find tall, green grass and sunny skies rather than inches of snow and flurries. All day dreams aside, if you’re an efficient fashionista like me, what you’re really thinking about is planning your spring break wardrobe. Luckily for you, I’ve already done my homework and have selected the top five hottest trends that belong in your suitcase for your vacation.

1. Vivid colors

One of the many reasons I love warm weather is all of the color that comes with it. Whether it is new flowers blooming, crystal blue skies or technicolored swimsuits, it is no question spring is a season of vivid hues and colors. Be one with the season and be sure to pack eye-popping clothes and accessories as vibrant as the vivid colors surrounding you.

2. Graphic stripes

Keep it clean and crisp with stripes this spring season. Not only do stripes give off a classy look, but they are also flattering on any body type. With that said, I will take one of every striped swim suit in the store please.

3. Accessorizing

Whoever created the saying “less is more” obviously wasn’t into fashion. This spring season, pile on the accessories. Be sure to include your jewelry box on your packing list. Bold bangles, watches, earrings and even temporary beauty tattoos are making a comeback this season.

4. Bold bags

Many people say the first thing they notice about a person is her/his smile or eyes. For me, it’s all about the handbag the person is carrying. A bold bag is essential to one’s look because it is a statement piece that truly pulls the ensemble together. Whether you are strutting down the boardwalk or lounging on the beach, a bold bag is a must this spring season.

5. Floppy hats

If I had it my way, I would deem floppy hats acceptable to wear year round. Not only do floppy hats serve as a shield from the scorching rays of the sun, but they are also an adorable addition to one’s outfit. Along with protecting your skin and shielding your eyes, hats are also perfect for bad hair days. When you walk back to your beach towel after splashing around in the ocean, merely twist your damp, sea salted hair into your floppy hat for a beach-turned-chic look.

Photo by Peyton Schmidt / The Louisville Cardinal

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