By Kyeland Jackson–

Changes to U of L general education requirements were discussed at the SGA meeting on Nov. 17.

The redesigned gen-ed courses target developing self-awareness and moral intelligence. Survey responses from students helped SGA create this proposal.

Alex Stewart, SGA’s academic vice president, said a proposal to revamp general education was distributed to various departments throughout the university and is being reviewed.

“We want people to know that this is a supplemental education and that you can get something out of it,” Stewart said.

Femmy Rose, graduate student council external vice president, said, “One thing that came up is that students felt that gen-eds were a pain in the butt, and they thought it was a waste of time. That was the main point for some of these changes.”

The renewed program is set to begin fall 2017.

After the discussion, Rose walked to the front as a representative for the SAC renovation committee. Among the resolution clauses, the council asked for a public forum with students.

“The public forum would bring in students that feel misrepresented or alienated by the SGA on campus. This would be a way to include their voice in a $40 million recreation of the student activity center,” Rose said.

Rudy Ellis, president of the law school council, disagreed. “I personally don’t think that the public forums are a good idea. I think it’s, for the lack of a better word, a waste of time,” he said.

Ellis cited low attendance at forums similar to this on different campuses, and that the forum may lengthen the SAC’s acceptance process unnecessarily.

A vote was made to send the resolution back to the council for revision.