February 6, 2015

RecycleMania: Competition aims to increase recycling on campus

The Louisville Cardinal News

Do you ever feel the need to help the environment, but aren’t quite sure how? Now you can help the environment and the Cardinals at the same time.

RecycleMania, which kicked off on Feb. 1 and lasts until Mar. 28, is a nationwide contest to limit waste and encourage recycling on college campuses.

“It’s always a good idea when you try to change behaviors and get people to be a little more responsible, to make it fun and exciting,” Justin Mog, assistant to the provost for sustainability initiatives, said about the contest.

There are several ways students and faculty can help the Cards to victory.  One of the easiest is to place actual trash in the black trash bins and any recyclable material, such as cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, etc., into the blue bins on campus.

Instead of using disposable containers for beverages such as coffee, bring your own reusable bottle.

“It’s important to start spreading the message to young college students about how they can help our environment and that the habits they form now can continue to help the environment in the future,” business student Alison Lewis said.

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