February 2, 2015

Card Towne airwaves for local athletics: Tune in to 93.9 The Ville

Be on the lookout, Die hard Cards fans. The airwaves just got friendlier for U of L athletics.

Before the University of Louisville and ESPN radio decided to partner up, ESPN 680 and 105.7 FM were the main stations for access to games and sports-related content.

Although these two stations discussed Cardinal athletics, they did not solely focus on the University of Louisville.

With national and local hosts, such as Colin Cowherd of ESPN radio and Drew Deener of ESPN 680 among others, this new radio station, 93.9 The Ville, will provide what Deener sees as a “wider venue” for “talking about local sports.”

He also went on to state that the collaboration between Louisville and the well known sports name ESPN is a “great way” to attract those “that really want the Louisville first coverage.”

Currently, the station will comprise of an assortment of ESPN affiliated programing, with an emphasis put on baseball this year as The Cardinal’s team walks into the Atlantic Coast Conference, hopeful of another College World Series appearance like they had in 2013 and 2014. Anything U of L Athletics related, however, is prime content for the station.

Aside from the content of the station, this partnership is also significant because it’s located in Louisville, meaning a clearer sound quality and farther reaching connection.

Cardinal baseball fan Jeff Lewis said he’s excited for the new station because he normally listens to 1570 AM but “the farther you get away from the field, the worse the connection gets.”

U of L student Mike Feldkamp feels the same and claims he will “probably start listening since it’s an FM station and will most likely have a better connection.”

93.9 The Ville debuted Jan. 29., with Drew Deener as host for the first local show, “The Deener Show,” from 7-10 a.m. and John Ramsey of WAVE 3 as host in the afternoon from 3-6 p.m. The station will also host ESPN’s “The Herd” with Colin Cowherd, along with “SVP and Russillo” and “The Jeff Walz Show” as a starting lineup of broadcasts.

U of L baseball games as well as Louisville Women’s Basketball coach Jeff Walz will also air on the station.

Regardless of your listening preference in U of L athletics, 93.9 The Ville will deliver. The program is located in Cardinal Towne Apartments alongside its sister ESPN 680 show.

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