August 29, 2014

Visitor network provides short-term internet access

By Adeline Wilson –

Visitors to the University of Louisville can now access the internet through the ulvisitor network. Guests may log onto the web for up to six hours without a username or password.

The ulvisitor network is intended for short-term use by guests, such as parents, campus tour groups and conferences.

“We are excited about offering this new service and it’s been receiving a very positive response,” says Trent Hurt, U of L’s Wireless Network Administrator.

Users must select the ulvisitor network on their devices, provide a valid email address, and agree to the terms of use. The six hours session will end automatically after thirty minutes of inactivity. Visitors may start another session if they exceed the six hour limit.

Information Technology discourages students from sharing their passwords with guests to access ulsecure. The ulsecure network is intended for students, faculty and staff.

“As with any system, userIDs and passwords should never be shared because that gives others access to all your personal information,” says Hurt. “University policy requires safeguarding of access codes and passwords to prevent unauthorized use and misuse of university resources.”

With the ulvisitor network there is no need for students to disclose personal information to their guests. It is the fastest, simplest way for visitors to access the internet on campus.

For additional help, visit the Information Technology webpage:


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