By: Regina Deveary

The holidays are coming and the shopping madness has begun. You rush to the malls to find these perfect gifts for people, but the biggest shocker is when you see the price tag. The good news is that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on gifts this year. You can find the greatest items for less than $10. The main thing you need to do when bargain hunting is go to unexpected places.

Consignment shops are amazing. They have moderately priced items. In consignment shops you can find anything from antique items to clothing and accessories of all kinds. I have found things such as U of L apparel, furniture, dresses, and jewelry. I even bought my Derby hat at a consignment shop. Even expensive brands can be found at a great price.

Another great place to find holiday items is Goodwill. All the items are extremely cheap. Even though it is all about luck at Goodwill, there are so many great finds when you take the time to search. I found a $5 cashmere sweater at Goodwill near the east end of Louisville. Take your time and browse. What you find might surprise you.

The last stores that are on my list for holiday shopping are TJMaxx, Marshals, and Home Goods. These stores are part of the TJX Companies. They claim to be the largest international apparel and home fashions off-price department store chain in the United States. This means great brands at an even better price.

When I am really tight on cash I go for the homemade gifts. Pintrest and Google are my main inspiration for all my gift ideas. Iron-on clothing is a cheap fix for a plain shirt. Homemade gifts are much more personal, as well. When you take the time to create something it becomes more special to you and the person you give the gift to.

Holiday shopping can be very expensive, but with the right knowledge you can find great things at a great price. Even unexpected items can make the best gifts. Just remember to change up your plan. Go to unexpected places, take your time, browse the isles, and remember to be creative.