By: Tomi Schweiss

Those on the Belknap campus around 9 A.M. Dec. 2 witnessed darkness fall upon U of L.

Classes were dark, the library was dim and campus had a lot more people outside than usual. Many students were sitting around the Humanities Quad and Ekstrom Library waiting for the lights to come back on. No one had a clue as to what was going on.

“According to LG&E, a portion of the power line behind the Papa John’s stadium went down and caught fire causing a majority of Belknap campus to go out,” said Mark Hebert, director of media relations.

Students did not have to wait long for power, however. “LG&E responded pretty quickly,” said Hebert. It took them about an hour to bring the power back up and with it students hurried to classes.

“I woke up and started freaking out,” said student Nik Knipper when asked about his blackout experience. “I got ready for classes and asked a friend why they just didn’t cancel class and as soon as I did the lights came on.” Another classmate also stated during class that he could not find his book due to how dark it was.

Photo Courtesy of Google Images