By: Tomi Schweiss

People like Michael Jordan, Slash, and Leonardo Da Vinci are just born with natural talent, right?


Keith Lyle of the department of psychological and brain sciences pointed out how natural talent is just a myth. During a lecture for the Honors Student Council Last Lecture Series, Lyle explains how to become smarter, healthier, and more talented.

“You just have to think, do and, feel the right things,” said Lyle. Things like practice, believing you are not limited and feeling like you can achieve anything are simple ways to drastically change your life. You have to completely change your mindset.

On the topic of natural talent Lyle stated, “Just because a lot of people believe it, doesn’t make it true.” All you need is the motivation.

“What’s necessary to become an expert is the effort,” stated Lyle. If you worked at it, you could easily shred a guitar, shoot amazing 3 pointers or paint a beautiful piece of art.

What you feel or think can easily influence even the most basic health related body reactions. Your mindset could even prolong your life. “Biology is not destiny,” said Lyle. Meaning, someone who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s would not have to lose their memory so quickly. According to research, if you keep a positive attitude, you can beat out such diseases.

If you were to become smarter, you would have to believe there are no limitations on intelligence. Take math for example. Many people do not like math and believe they cannot do it. To change your grade or to learn more, we would have to think about math in a different light. You have to believe that you can control your intelligence.

Photo courtesy of Google Images