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State of the Student Body Address touts achievements

By James El-Mallakh–

The State of the Student Body Address was delivered on Tuesday, Feb. 7 to a crowd of around 250 to 300 students. This is an event in which the president of the Student Government Association, Kurits Frizzell, speaks to update students as to past accomplishments of SGA and objectives going forward.

The ceremony opened with Janessa Siegel, president of the Association of Black Students. She discussed her main goal as president of ABS as “bridging the gap,” which she described as making connections between her group and other Registered Student Organizations on campus, most notably SGA. She said that this goal is being met successfully, mentioning that Kurtis Frizzell spoke at the ABS’s own state of the student body address, the first student body president to do so in years.

After Siegel spoke, Paul Mick, SGA senate speaker, discussed some of the accomplishments that SGA incumbents had accomplished during their time in office. He noted the senate’s passing of a bill approving additional housing for Greek students and then he discussed what he as “the largest overhaul of our constitution and bylaws in decades” which was the re-writing of SGA’s constitution. Mick then introduced Frizzell to the stage.

“This year was and is a tremendous year for our SGA,” Frizzell said.”We have been able to overcome obstacles, accomplish goals and make this campus a better place to live and learn for our student body.”

One of the accomplishments Frizzell highlighted as being the highest priority of SGA was the abolition of the student diploma fee, which he described as a 30-year struggle among SGA administrations to get rid of.

“For years, graduating students have been forced to pay a diploma fee, an extra $25 to $45 to receive their degree they’ve already earned,” said Frizzell.

Frizzell then mentioned over a dozen smaller initiatives that SGA has accomplished. He also acknowledged the diligence of his executive staff by asking them to stand and be applauded.
After this, he showed the CardCast video that detailed multiple students, faculty and staff describing what they appreciated about the university as well as going over what their goals were and are for the University of Louisville. The CardCast video can be found at, by clicking the CardCast link.

“Of all the roles embraced by this administration, the one we approach with the greatest persistence and the greatest energy and the one to which we have the strongest commitment is our role as student advocates,” Frizzell said. “Time and again this student government has stepped up, held our own and firmly established ourselves as equal and active participants in the university’s decision making process.”

Frizzell closed by imploring the following administration to “not let our work be in vain. Let us always continue to strive what is best for Louisville and our student body.”

“I thought it was very good. I learned a lot of stuff I didn’t know before,” said Chloe Bank, a junior communications major. “I definitely thought it was productive.”

Frizzell spent the majority of the address going over accomplishments of his administration and the senate, and spent relatively little time addressing the upcoming plans of his administration during his remaining time in office.

The current administration will spend less than four months in office, but Frizzell says that is still plenty of time. “This administration still has four months of solid work ahead of us,” Frizzell said.

From Feb. 20 to Feb. 22, elections for new SGA candidates will be held. Stay tuned to The Louisville Cardinal’s Feb. 21 publication to learn more about the candidates and how to cast your vote.

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