November 15, 2011

The Pixies La La Love Louisville

By Erin Wade–

Or at least David Lovering does. The drummer of the Pixies dedicated their song “La La Love You” to the ladies of Louisville Wednesday night at The Louisville Palace.

It’s always interesting to see what kind of crowd the Pixies are able to gather in a single venue. They harbor quite an eclectic mix, from college kids and average Joes to drunk moms and people that haven’t seen the light outside their parent’s basements in a good fifteen years. All of these people united in a common quest: to see the Pixies before they finally hate each other enough to call it quits for good.

It’s common knowledge that the band members aren’t terribly fond of each other, and that they certainly don’t tour for the companionship or the pretty bus so it’s hard for fans to pass up the opportunity not knowing whether it will be offered again.

Opening for the Pixies was the Florida band, Surfer Blood. Cute kids. Most of their songs sounded like something you’d hear in Hollister, and their plucky lead singer was entertaining, but even they knew they were just keeping us occupied before the real show started.

And then the anticipated moment arrived; the lights dimmed and everyone was waiting for the Pixies to appear from wherever they were hiding backstage. It’s a tradition for the Pixies to get the audience feeling good and awkward before they come on stage by making us endure watching several unhinged videos of eyes being slit open, a man with ants in the palm of his hand, a nun riding a bike and a woman being groped. For future reference you should think twice before seeing the Pixies on a first date or with prudish parents. Once everyone was substantially weirded out, the Pixies came onto the stage.

Oddly enough they opened with obscure b-sides. It may not have been the best choice considering the lack of movement throughout the crowd. The first widely recognizable song is “Debaser” followed by “Tame” and then followed by “Wave of Mutilation.” Sound familiar? They continued to play every song from their album “Doolittle,” in order. I know it’s their Doolittle tour, but where’s the surprise? Other than the slowed down version of “Mr. Grieves,” that is. The crowd graciously cheered for each song, regardless, as if they really hadn’t a clue what song was to be played next. What loving fans.

After the last song of the album, “Gouge Away,” was played, the vigorous applause gave way to the expected encore. They reentered the stage in good time but with another iffy choice. They went with a slower version of “Wave of Mutilation” that provoked more audience involvement. It was faint, but you could sense the apprehension festering amongst the fans. When were they going to play “Where Is My Mind?” It took another encore after the Pixies’ fog-filled “Into the White” for them to give us what we wanted, but that wasn’t their final song. The Pixies bid us goodnight with “Gigantic.”

Throughout the show the band made effort here and there to make it seem like they’re all good chums. Kim Deal strived to remain relentlessly cheerful and even Joey Santiago and David Lovering played into it a little, but Black Francis seemed rather inhibited. It’s hard on the heart of a Pixies fan to have to deal with the reality of it, but maybe, just maybe, they are more of a family than a band. Isn’t it said that family only has to love you, not like you? Maybe after all these years they don’t like each other, but deep down in their little Pixie hearts they might love each other, even if only a little.

It’s a nice thought anyway. Whether the Pixies hate each other or not we may never know, but they gave us quite a performance that night, and we still la la love them.

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