Wed. Jan 23rd, 2019

Attorney general sues governor over university cuts

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By Kyeland Jackson —

Attorney general Andy Beshear said he will sue Governor Matt Bevin today.

The action comes two weeks after talks on the budget proposal in the General Assembly fell through, prompting Bevin to issue an immediate 4.5 percent cut to universities. Beshear promised to sue Bevin for what Beshear claims was an illegal use of his power.

Originally reported by the Courier-Journal, Beshear said power to impose cuts lies primarily with the General Assembly. The governor has the right to impose immediate cuts in the case of a revenue shortfall, which does not apply now.

Talks on the budget continued to stall Sunday as the Republican-controlled Senate and Democratic majority House could not agree on a draft. According to Kentucky constitution, the final day the assembly can meet to discuss is Friday. Bevin, the only one allowed to call for special sessions extending the talks, asked to extend talks later into the week.

Responding to Beshear, the Bevin administration said the cuts he made were legal and Beshear’s threat to sue was “premature” in light of general assembly discussion.

This story will be updated.

1 thought on “Attorney general sues governor over university cuts

  1. I don’t see a basis for the lawsuit.

    I imagine it is a move made for reason of “optics”. Call it “face-saving”, virtue-signaling, or kabuki theatre. It’s all political smoke.

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