By Hannah Walker —

Louisville football traveled to North Carolina Oct. 30 to play against NC State,  losing 28-13.

At the start of the game, Louisville won the coin toss and deferred to the second half. NC State received.

During the first half, both teams were neck and neck. With only 0:48 seconds on the clock, NC State made their first touchdown of the night. Then, before the first quarter ended, redshirt junior quarterback Malik Cunningham made a complete pass to freshman wide-receiver Jordan Watkins. This gave Louisville their first touchdown of the night as well.

During the second quarter of the game, neither team was able to score a touchdown. This led both teams going into halftime with a tied score of 7-7.

After halftime, Louisville took the lead when sophomore kicker James Turner made a field goal from the 42 yard line. This put Louisville at a score of 10-7.

During the last quarter of the game, NC State caught up significantly. With only 14:26 on the clock, they were able to make their second touchdown of the night.

Before the quarter ended, NC State scored two more touchdowns. Louisville was only able to make a field goal from the 31 yard line during the final quarter. This led Louisville to a loss with a final score of 28-13.

Louisville will be back on their home field on Nov. 6 to play against the Clemson Tigers. The game will start at 7:30 p.m, and student tickets will be available for purchase for as low as $15.

Photo Courtesy of Adam Creech // U of L Athletics