By: Hannah Walker–

On Saturday, October 2, Louisville football travelled to Salem, North Carolina to play against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons. Louisville lost by 3 points with a final score of 34-37.

At the start of the game, both teams dominated the field. Louisville won the coin toss and made the decision to defer to the second half. WFU received and made a field goal attempt for 33 yards with 12:05 on the clock. However, Louisville quickly caught up when redshirt junior quarterback Malik Cunningham rushed to the left for a gain of 7 yards; scoring a touchdown for the Cards.

Before the end of the first quarter, Wake Forest was able to score their first touchdown with 3:53 on the clock. Still, Louisville pushed to tie up the game when sophomore kicker James Turner made a field goal from the 42 yard line with only 0:12 on the clock. Both teams went into the second quarter with a tie of 10-10.

At the start of the second quarter, Louisville broke the tie when Cunningham rushed up the middle for a gain of five yards; scoring another touchdown for U of L. Nonetheless, the Demon Deacons were able to take back the lead when they scored both a touchdown and a field goal before the end of the second quarter. This put Louisville at a score of 17-20 going into halftime.

Louisville continued to fall behind when Wake Forest made another touchdown in the third quarter of the game with 3:59 on the clock. U of L was unable to score any points during the third quarter, and proceeded to the fourth quarter with a score of 17-27.

The Cards attempted to catch up during the last quarter of the game. Cunningham made a complete pass for 10 yards and freshman wide-receiver Bruce Huggins scored a touchdown. It wasn’t long after when Louisville made a field goal of their own from the 46 yard line. However, Wake Forest was able to take the lead once again when they made another touchdown with 3:52 on the clock.

Although Wake Forest took the lead again during the last quarter, Louisville continued to persevere. Cunningham made a complete pass up the middle for 75 yards to redshirt sophomore wide-receiver Tyler Harrell and scored another touchdown. This tied the game to a score of 34-34.

With only 0:22 seconds left on the clock, Wake Forest was able to break the tie once again with a field goal from the 29 yard line. This brought the game to a final score of 34-37.

Louisville football will be back at the Cardinal Stadium on Oct. 9 at 3:00 p.m. to play against the Virginia Cavaliers.

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Abell// The Louisville Cardinal