By: Hannah Walker–

No. 5 Louisville baseball played a home game on Apr. 2 against Wake Forest University. U of L won with a final score of 5-3.

Junior Michael Kirian was the starting pitcher of the night for U of L. He was able to make 117 pitches throughout his six innings played, as well as have 11 strikeouts against the opposing team.

Although Kirian said he didn’t play his best during a post-game interview, he was still able to keep a strong defense till the end of the game.

During the first inning, Wake Forest came out at their best. They were able to score during the first 5 minutes of the game, and this put them in the lead.

Still, it wasn’t long till U of L took the lead when they had 2 runs-scored during the bottom of the second inning. Junior outfielder Trey Leonard singled to the right side, and both junior infielder/outfielder Lucas Dunn and sophomore infielder Alex Binelas scored 2 runs batted in.

No runs were made for either team during the third inning, but Louisville changed that when junior infielder/outfielder Cameron Masterman singled up the middle. This allowed both Leonard and Dunn to have 2 runs batted in for the Cardinals.

U of L continued to do well on offense when sophomore catcher Henry Davis made a home run during the bottom of the fifth inning; putting Louisville 4 runs ahead of Wake Forest.

Wake Forest tried to catch up when they scored twice during the top of the sixth inning, but it wasn’t enough to put them in the lead against the Cardinals.

No runs were made during the seventh, eighth or ninth inning, which led the Cards to a win.

“Tonight, we faced a really good arm. We had a quality start on pitching with Kirian, Kuehner and Elliott,” said assistant coach Eric Snider during a post-game interview. “It’s good to see the team compete and look like they are having fun out there, because this is their team not our team.”

Louisville baseball with continue to face Wake Forest this weekend during their 3-game series. They will play their next game on Apr. 3 at 1:00 p.m. at Jim Patterson Stadium.

Photo Courtesy of Justin Krueger// U of L Athletics