By Cole Emery —

NBA star and former Louisville athlete, Donovan Mitchell, tested positive for coronavirus March 12. Mitchell appeared in his first public interview since the diagnosis on ABC’s “Good Morning America” March 16 via video call.

“The biggest thing for me is just to stay in isolation and just keep to myself,” Mitchell said. “I have no symptoms, which is a unique situation.”

Mitchell’s case came soon after his teammate, Rudy Gobert, became the first confirmed case of coronavirus in the NBA on March 11.

“I could walk down the street. If it wasn’t public knowledge that I was sick, you wouldn’t know it,” Mitchell said. “I think that’s the scariest part the virus. You may seem fine and be fine, but you never know who you may be talking to and who they’re going home to.”

During his quarantine, Mitchell has been playing NBA 2K20, watching movies and watching some old highlights of himself from his college and NBA career.

Mitchell also discussed his contribution to help pay for lunches in the Granite School District in Salt Lake City. The program, which the team announced Monday March 9, will allow students in the district to obtain a meal at no charge while schools are participating in a closure due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Photo courtesy of The Louisville Cardinal