August 25, 2019

Men’s soccer ties first game against Cleveland State

By Mariam Prietro-Perez —

In the first soccer game of the season No. 14 Louisville played Cleveland State, tying the game with a score of 2-2. This game comes hard-fought as it went into double overtime.

This game marked John Hayden’s first game as head coach. Hayden was an assistant coach last year before former head coach Ken Lolla resigned. 

Junior Emil Elveroth started off for the Cardinals on offense. Last year Elveroth had 33 shots with 17 goals.

Within the first 10 minutes of the game, the Cards scored their first goal, giving a bold start to the game. 

Redshirt senior Cody Cochran scored the second goal in the first half. The score was assisted by freshman Leo Getz.

“We can’t let a goal be what energized us, we need to come out from the beginning and be energized, especially the first game of the season,” Cochran said.

Cleveland lacked depth during the first half, only making two subs for seven minutes each. Within the first half of the game, Cleveland received three yellow cards adding pressure to starting players. 

The Cards played on offense for almost 60 percent of the first half and tired out Cleveland’s defense. 

Cleveland did not answer Louisville’s two goals until the second half with a goal by Cleveland sophomore Jannis Schmidt. 

The Vikings then tied up the game with less than eight minutes left in the second half with a goal made by senior Gabriel Pewu.  Cleveland changed their tactics into a more direct offensive play in the second half as opposed to their zone defense from the first half.

The intensity of the game increased as the Vikings and Cards received one yellow card each in the second half.  

Both of the teams played hard and fast, but saw sloppiness on the field as both teams entered double overtime. Neither one of the teams secured a goal in overtime and resulted in a tied game.

“As a group we grow from this, they say that we didn’t respect them enough. Because we took our foot off the pedal a little bit and allowed them to play into the game,” Hayden said.

Louisville’s next game will be a rival game against Kentucky at Lynn Stadium starting at 7:30 p.m.

Photos by Gabriel Wiest // Louisville Cardinal

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