June 13, 2019

U of L won’t buy Kentucky One Health assets

By Matthew Keck —

The University of Louisville announced June 11 it will not be buying Kentucky One Health’s Louisville assets. Those assets include Jewish Hospital where U of L has service lines and residencies.

This announcement came after U of L’s six-month search for a partner to help acquire the assets and fund this acquisition. U of L had until June 30 to find a partner.

“We regret ending our talks with CHI [Catholic Health Initiatives], but we must do what is fiscally responsible for the University of Louisville,” said UofL President Neeli Bendapudi. “Without a viable partner, we do not have the resources necessary to make the acquisition a reality.”

U of L stated in the press release that CHI will extend the Academic Affiliation Agreement. This ensures that graduate and resident program operations at Jewish Hospital and Frazier Rehab won’t cease. CHI will assign new facilities at the university’s request if operations at the two cannot continue. U of L media spokesman John Karman said this extension is open ended.

The academic agreement allows U of L’s physicians and residents to care for patients and work in leadership positions for various hospital programs. It also allows them to conduct clinical trials that offer innovative treatment unavailable elsewhere in the region.

Karman said that the university hopes that no positions will be lost as a result of this deal falling through.

CHI has additionally agreed to continue the professional services and medical directorships. These are all included in the Master Services Agreement. CHI stated they will give at least 90 days before terminating any of these individual agreements.

“Our patients will continue to receive the highest quality care, and our students and residents will continue to receive the education and training they must have to become future providers,” Bendapudi said. “That is our unwavering commitment.”

Jewish Hospital is where U of L physicians provide organ transplantation, cardiovascular medicine and neurological surgery. This hospital is the only solid organ transplant facility in the region. U of L’s clinical care and research in cardiovascular medicine and spinal cord injury are conducted at Jewish and Frazier Rehab.

Deborah Lee-Eddie, interim market CEO for Kentucky One,  said she was disappointed that U of L could not find a partner, but they will now continue discussions with other interested organizations.

Photo Courtesy of Kentucky One Health

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