By Maggie Vancampen —

The University of Louisville Police Department arrested two suspects March 21, charging them with stealing musical instruments from the School of Music over the past 30 days.

Alphonso Monrew and Anthony Abrams are charged with burglary and theft. Police say the suspects have no affiliation with the university.

All of the stolen instruments and electronics, valued at more than $50,000, have been found.

According to John Karman, U of L’s director of media relations, ULPD is returning all of the stolen items to the proper owners.

“The ULPD Detective Unit deployed a number of due diligence tactics,” said ULPD Chief Gary D. Lewis Jr.  “All of the instruments have been recovered and will be returned to the students impacted in the coming days.” 

Karman said that police will be increasing their presence around the School of Music.



Photo Courtesy / The University of Louisville School of Music Student Council