By: Georgia Peyton —

U of L’s wide variety of meal plans seem to have a valuable option for every one of its students. With all its options though it can be difficult to pick the right one or know exactly how to use it.

If students have meal swipes, they can be used at all Belknap Campus dining locations except Starbucks and POD convenience store locations.

Flex Points can be used at The Ville Grill and any other on main campus food location.

Cardinal Cash works almost the same as a debit card does; you can add money from your credit card online or by cash at the Cardinal Cash Office or at any of the value ports around campus. Cardinal Cash can be used at vending machines around campus, the campus bookstores, postal services and many of the Cardinal Towne businesses. Another plus is the money never expires.

If a student lives in the traditional dorms on campus, they have the option of picking from an All-Access Plus plan or the 135 plan.

The All-Access plan, which is the one that the University recommends, includes everything the All-Access Plus plan but includes $175 in Flex Points instead of $325.

Sophomore Bonnie George said she has the All-Access plan.

“I have really used my meal plan to its maximum potential. Last year, I didn’t go to The Ville Grill that often but I go almost every day now and it saves me so much money,” George said.

There are four plans available for students who live in on-campus apartments. The website recommends the 100 plan for $1,375, which includes 100 meal swipes per semester and $495 in Flex Points.

“Since at Bettie Johnson we have a kitchen in our suite, I don’t eat too often on campus so the 100 plan has worked pretty well for me so far,” freshman Emily Charno said.

Students living in on-campus apartments can also purchase a 135 plan or a 60 plan, both of which are named for the amount of meal swipes that are included with the plan.

Commuter students also have the option of a meal plan. Most commuters are recommended to get the Base Flex Plan which costs $275 and gives you the same amount of Flex Points.

Commuters can also purchase a 50 plan or a 75 plan. The 50 plan includes 50 meal swipes per semester and $100 in Flex Points while the 75 plan includes 75 meal swipes and $240 in Flex Points.

“I bought the 75 meal plan and it its perfect for me since I’m not eating on campus that much and really just need a few meals or snacks here and there,” junior Richard Gregor said.

If a student that commutes plans to spend more time on campus, the 5 plan or 5 Plus plan may be something to consider. The 5 plan includes five meal swipes per week at The Ville Grill and $100 in Flex while the 5 Plus plan includes five meal swipes and $290 in Flex Points.

Graphic by Arry Schofield / The Louisville Cardinal