By Taylor Webster —

Being a woman is expensive, but just how expensive is it? Between nails, hair, eyebrows, waxes and eyelashes — on average I spend around $150 a month on maintenance.

A gel manicure is around $30, and a regular pedicure is also around $30 (gel pedicures are $40). This adds up to $70 with a tip. Gel manicures and pedicures normally last three weeks. I go to Bella’s Nails on Grinstead Drive to get my nails done.

Eyelash extensions are the new “it” thing, and they are honestly life changing. I get my eyelashes refilled every three weeks. For first-timers it costs $100 and fill-ins cost $50. I go to @lashedoutbychelsey to get my eyelashes done.

Chelsey will give you a discount up to $20 if you refer people to her. In addition to discounts, she does holiday sales. The last sale was for Easter, and it was $85 for a full set, which is $15 dollars off. She will also have Derby sales.

Waxing is a preference, however, I do recommend bikini waxes during summer months. It is way better for your skin than shaving and it lasts longer. Waxing allows hair to grow back slower and softer. It also limits ingrown hairs. For waxing, I recommend The European Wax Center. Their wax is all natural and the women working there are trained waxers. I do not recommend going to your local nail salon for a wax.

I do my hair myself. However, since my hair is curly, it takes around 2 hours to do fully. When I put hair extensions in, I use @hairsofab for extra body and length. @Hairsofab is all natural human hair that blends perfectly to your hair — no matter the color, length or texture. One bundle of this hair between $75-160 depending on the length. To make clip-ins I recommend one or two bundles, depending on how thick your natural hair is. If you are sewing this hair into your head, I recommend three bundles.

I get my eyebrows threaded every two weeks at the Oxmoor Mall. It costs $10 dollars and is worth it. Threading is also way easier on the skin than waxing. While waxing on the body is fine – waxing on your face is different, because your face is more sensitive.

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal