October 18, 2017

Potential Kentucky abortion ban unconstitutional


An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified the bill sponsor as Louisville Metro Councilman Dan Johnson. The Cardinal regrets the error.


By Shelby Brown–

Republican State representative Dan Johnson of  Mt. Washington pre-filed a bill Oct. 9 seeking to criminalize abortion. If the bill were to become law, doctors could be charged with fetal homicide — a felony.

Women’s healthcare is constantly under attack, even with abortion being a legal and safe procedure. This year alone, Governor Matt Bevin has signed two anti-abortion laws. Under the legislation, abortions after 20 weeks are forbidden and women seeking an abortion must view a mandatory ultrasound while the doctor describes the fetus in detail.

The bill is unconstitutional. The argument to strip women of their rights to make decisions about their own bodies is unconstitutional.

We can see a trend in anti-choice legislation. And it’s generally always by old, religious white men.

Imposing your religious beliefs onto another person is unconstitutional. Religion shouldn’t be taken into account when drafting the laws of the land.

As an escort at the EMW Women’s Surgical Center, I’ve seen first-hand the religious protestors blocking the sidewalk, displaying gory and medically inaccurate signs and shouting at patients. Without knowing why the woman is going into the clinic, abuses are shouted and personal space is invaded.

It doesn’t matter why she’s getting an abortion. If a woman is pregnant and doesn’t want to be pregnant anymore, stipulations by men, who will never have to carry children, shouldn’t impede her choices.


2 thoughts on “Potential Kentucky abortion ban unconstitutional

  1. This article deserves a standing ovation! The harassment that is experienced outside of this clinic perpetrated by so called religious protestors is abhorent. No American should be subjected to this environment as they make their way to a medical appointment. Women are more than capable of deciding their medical care. The lies, undue burdens and downright harassment and terrorist tactics used to keep a woman from access to a legal medical clinic is unacceptable.

  2. Abortion should be banned. It should not be a right to kill an innocent child. Some may say it’s not a human yet but what makes a baby a baby. If you say that a baby is a baby once it is birthed then that is not correct in the slightest. By that logic you could kill a baby 2 seconds before it is born and it still be legal. Where do we draw the line for this kind of stuff? There is no definite way to do this humanely. Abortion is killing a child. That’s all that’s to it. What doesn’t make sense is that if you kill a baby after it is born then it is one of the most evil thing you can do, but if you kill it 6 or 7 months in then it should be a right for all women??? No. Abortion is an excuse for women to get around the responsibility that they placed upon themselves by doing the act. If you are not mature enough to have a baby then don’t have sex. Done. If by some unfortunate event and a woman got raped it is definitely not her fault but who’s right is it to say when it’s okay to end a life. That should not be up to any one person. The baby has not done anything. It is an unknowing innocent baby. Before you get an abortion take life into consideration. Abortion should not be around to make people lives convenient.

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