By Briana Williams–

When you’re no longer restricted to spending flex or meal swipes on campus, you can branch out and enjoy some of Louisville’s best restaurants. The city is filled with great places for any foodie, so here are TLC’s top picks.

Feast BBQ: Any meat lover will love Feast’s hefty offerings of sandwiches, tacos and more. Their barbecue tastes unique and authentic and the restaurant has a relaxed and rustic atmosphere that only adds to the experience. If that isn’t enough to get you through the door, their salted caramel banana pudding should.

Butchertown Grocery: This restaurant is another Louisville commodity that locals love. With an interesting menu that features everything from lamb burgers to fettuccine with bacon, it offers a lot of food that you won’t find at many other restaurants.

Mayan Cafe: Located downtown, this restaurant offers authentic Mayan cuisine at an affordable price. The menu will force you to try something new every time you go there simply because everything sounds good. From the spaghetti squash toss to the Mayan burger, the Mayan Cafe is one of Louisville’s best.

Wild Eggs: If you love brunch, this is the place for you. The banana foster pancakes will make you rethink all of your previous breakfast choices. Plus, the omelets, to no surprise, put Ville Grill’s omelet station to shame.

Hill Street Fish Fry: Good seafood is hard to find in Kentucky, but Hill Street reminds you that it is possible. The food is plentiful and the prices are affordable. Their catfish sandwiches are a favorite and the hush puppies are the perfect sides. If you’re looking for delicious seafood, Hill Street Fish Fry should be your go-to.

Dairy Kastle and Dairy Del: Ice cream is the supreme summer treat, so why not have some options for getting the best scoop? Both Dairy Del and Dairy Kastle offer plenty of options from ice cream flurries to banana splits. These restaurants are pretty much the embodiment of summer for Louisville.

Hi-Five Doughnuts: If ice cream isn’t your dessert choice, definitely head over to Hi-Five Doughnuts. You won’t find a full-course meal here, but you will find doughnuts almost the size of your head. You can customize your own treat or pick from one of the restaurant’s many menu options. I recommend trying one with marshmallow glaze and cotton candy that will ruin any diet you have, but will be completely worth it.