By Briana Williams–

Admittedly, I was nervous to see the new “Beauty and the Beast” recreation in theaters. While I loved the original animation film, I’ve seen too many remakes embarrass the originals. But this live-action take on a classic story was a beautiful movie that deserves the praise it’s getting.

Starring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the prince-turned-beast, this movie is one of the most well casted films I’ve seen. The two stars have a chemistry on screen that makes this film so lovely to watch. Their relationship seems real and effortless, something that seems difficult for many actors to create.

Watson and Stevens were incredible throughout, but the many other actors in the film helped make this movie what it is. Every actor seemed to fall into their roles as if it were made for them.

Ewan McGregor played the flamboyant and outgoing candelabra, Lumière. The Australian actor was able to mimic the voice of the original Lumière, Jerry Orbach, with ease. He kept the character’s signature wit while making it his own.

Luke Evans played the villainous Gaston and if you didn’t hate him in the animated film, you’ll definitely hate him in the remake. New Gaston is crueler than his animated counterpart, but Evans does an amazing job of playing this character everyone loves to hate. He also performed Gaston’s signature, narcissistic song beautifully.

I’ve also got to commend the special effects. The Beast is my favorite Disney prince, so I had high hopes for him for live-action. The special effects didn’t disappoint – the Beast looked better than I anticipated.

In a movie where a majority of characters are special effects, I expected them to fall short somewhere. However, Mrs. Potts, Chip and everyone’s favorite clock, Cogsworth, all looked great on screen, with the special effects making the characters really shine.

The plot of the film is predictable since most people have seen the original film, but what’s great is seeing the small additions and changes this remake has throughout. For those looking for an exact replica of the animated 1991 movie, you won’t get it.

There are new songs, some minor changes in plot and character stories and the ending is more elaborate than the original. But this re-imagining is a stunning and captivating film that brings one of Disney’s favorite princesses to life.

TLC Rating: 10/10