By Briana Williams–

As students travel back to campus to start a new semester, we must face the harsh reality of walking around a freezing campus. With dropping temperatures comes the chance of snow storms. Louisville is hardly a stranger to somewhat harsh winters, but that doesn’t mean residents and students like it.

Students especially may not want to come to terms with the cold temperatures or snow-covered walkways. And after last year’s less-than-ideal winter, we should all be prepared. Here are some tips to consider when trudging through a snow-filled campus.

Dress appropriately – This might seem like a no-brainer, but there’s always that one person who’s dressed for a temperate, fall day rather than a freezing one. Wear your fuzziest boots, thickest sweaters and puffiest coats in order to stay warm.

Invest in winter boots – Sometimes we get lucky and classes are canceled when there’s a lot of ice and snow on sidewalks. But sometimes we aren’t. On those days, you’ll be glad you bought a decent pair of snow boots that can help you walk without slipping on the way to class.

Leave earlier – The idea of getting up any earlier for class might be scary for some, but it’s beneficial to do this. Commuters should always leave at least 15-20 minutes earlier because you never know what kind of conditions can slow traffic. Walkers should still leave early because walking quickly on slippery sidewalks is a recipe for disaster.

Get lip balm – Chapped lips are not only really unpleasant, they also hurt if you’ve been walking for fifteen minutes in 20-degree weather. Prevent this with your choice of lip balm.

Carry tissues and hand sanitizer – Getting sick is much easier in the winter months. Going to class is never the best idea when you’re sick, but sometimes you have to. For those days, carrying tissues and hand sanitizer will not only help stop the spread of germs, but it’ll keep you from having a runny nose reminiscent of second grade.

Keep snacks in your room – When classes are canceled, pretty much everything is closed or has limited hours. Having snacks or easy-to-make food in your room will keep you from starving when the SAC restaurants are closed.

Stock up on blankets – Students living in residence halls have little to no control over the temperature of their room. Sometimes the heat will make your dorm feel like a sauna, and other times the heat just won’t come on. When that happens, blankets will save your life.

Don’t underestimate scarves – There are moments when you’re walking on campus and suddenly a gust of frigid air blows and your face feels a little numb. But wearing a scarf and covering the lower part of your face with one will greatly remedy this problem.

Check your emails – Some professors will cancel class even if the university doesn’t. Checking your email for any of those kinds of announcements will save you a trip to class if the professor makes that decision.