January 9, 2017

Nation prepares for Inauguration Day


By Allison Mayes–

Jan. 20 marks the beginning of a new era for the United States: the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump.

What most Americans don’t know is Inauguration Day is a series of events and not just the presidential swearing-in. According to the Joint Congressional Committee of Inaugural Ceremonies, other Inauguration Day traditions include:

-a morning worship service, a tradition started by Franklin D. Roosevelt
-the famous procession to the U.S. Capitol
-the vice president’s swearing-in ceremony
-the president’s swearing-in ceremony
-the inaugural address, which began with George Washington
-the departure of the outgoing president
-a lunch break at the inaugural luncheon
-the inaugural parade, complete with military escorts
-the inaugural ball, which began with James and Dolley Madison.

Inauguration Day can be exciting. The country is swearing in a new president into office for the next four years. But what about after Inauguration Day?

With this election in particular, many fear the Inauguration will elicit more protests and division among our already divided nation. Some even fear civil unrest. Not only will our nation be forever changed, but American politics as a whole have been significantly altered over the course of this election.

“This election season has brought many feelings with it – feelings of change, optimism, and hope, but it has also brought feelings of disagreement, hate and fear in some,” student Landon Foster said. “Following the win of President-Elect Donald Trump, many people felt angry and the need to protest. The entire election season was a long, rough battle for all candidates, so it was no surprise to me to see many people upset with the results.”

As Trump supporters and opposers alike wait for his first acts as president, the nation can only watch. And that is a dangerous waiting game.

“I believe we will see more protests, especially in Washington DC when Jan. 20 rolls around,” Foster said.

Foster went on to discuss that whether you support our new president or not, the election results are final. “We should back him with a clear conscience because we are Americans and we will persevere as we always have.”

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