By Jessica Sanchez–

The warm, cozy feelings of the holiday season are upon us, but so is the cold, winter air. Here are some essentials to help look and feel fresher for the freezing days.

Being out in the cold can be harsh on your skin, especially your face. A moisturizer is great for keeping your skin from drying out. Try finding one that doubles as a sun protector with an SPF of at least 15 for an added bonus in keeping your skin healthy.

Waking up earlier to put on makeup can be a chore. Try getting into the habit of using concealer to even out your skin tone and cover up the little imperfections instead of going through a lengthy foundation process. Apply concealer under your eyes, around your nose and any other problem areas and your face will be free of redness or discoloration.

Bronzer makes a huge difference in winter. Now that our summer, sun-kissed skin is long gone, skin can start looking washed out. In order to keep your face looking bright and glowing, add some bronzer to your cheek bone area, temples and jaw line to get some color to your skin again.

Lip balm
My lips always get chapped and flaky in winter. It’s uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. That’s why a hydrating lip balm or butter is essential. You can go for one with some pigment to add color to your lips or simply go with a clear one.

Dry shampoo
If you’re rushing in the mornings, it’s not always possible to wash your hair before you leave. Use the next best thing: dry shampoo. Not only does it combat the oils in your hair, but it also adds volume to your flat bedhead. Spray a little in your roots and you’re good to go.

Hand sanitizer
The winter months bring on colds, the flu and tons of germs. The only thing worse than staying up late finishing homework is doing so with a runny nose. Reduce your chances of getting sick this season by keeping your hands disinfected with a hand sanitizer. They come in a variety of scents to choose from and you can even get them in travel sizes for a perfect fit in your backpack.

For the mornings where your hair is looking rough and you have no time to style it, throw on a beanie. It will not only keep your uncooperative hair in line, but it will also keep your ears warm. Plus, it’s a fashion accessory to accent any outfit.