October 17, 2016

Uber vs. Lyft: which transportation service is better?


By Evan Eley–

Transportation services have exploded in popularity across the country. Lyft and Uber are the two most popular companies in this field, but which one do customers prefer?

Lyft and Uber are both application-based services that allow for people to order personal rides to locations within a distance of 50 miles.

The services are provided by other people around the city to customers.

“I prefer Uber because I have the option the request luxury vehicles,” said Thomas Lawrence. Requesting luxury vehicles is one of the few innovations Uber offers that Lyft does not. Customers can choose from different sizes of vehicle as well.

Uber’s strict driver rating system encourages drivers to uphold professionalism and customer care. Uber has a policy that does not allow customers to tip their drivers. The company rolled out “Driverless Ubers,” earlier this year – self-driving cars working for Uber.

Lyft also serves innovative features that Uber does not offer. Lyft-Line is a feature that enables passengers headed in to the same areas to share their Lyft and split the cost. Lyft allows for larger groups of people to ride, and gives its customers the opportunity to let their drivers know they were appreciated through tipping on the mobile app.

The big question everyone wants to know is which is cheaper. It is no surprise that Lyft and Uber have been in a constant price war. But studies have shown that nationally they cost relatively the same, only varying slightly city to city.

Uber recently offered a new feature that allows users to see how much they’ll be charged before requesting a ride. This could be a factor in customer decision, especially during peak times when Uber charges a multiplied amount based on demand of transportation.

Ultimately Uber offers better coverage globally, while Lyft’s services are limited to the United States.

Between the innovations offered among both companies and similar pricing it seems customers are picking from personal preference. Either way, both companies can be useful for those Friday night parties or Saturday tailgates.

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