October 19, 2016

Football success improves entire university


By Mason Carter–

Louisville fans across the nation have been chirping about Louisville’s football program. Quarterback Lamar Jackson is even the front-runner for the Heisman Trophy award.

Despite recent scandals, U of L’s image among the college community is improving. With a national spotlight on its football program, U of L is solidifying a positive image through sports. The athletic programs have been consistently solid over the years and media outlets like ESPN are starting to notice.

Media attention and hype has been surrounding the university all season long. Successful seasons attract not only an audience, but also more students and faculty that ultimately help grow the university.

“Major national games like the Clemson game have an immediate impact on our national brand exposure. We see anywhere from six to 12 percent more traffic to our website, 10 to 25 percent more traffic to our social media posts and accounts and increases in followers…and haters to those accounts as well,” U of L Director of Digital Media Jeff Rushton said.

Rushton later explained how the admissions page for the U of L website gained around 38 percent more traffic during the weekend of the Clemson game.

After the men’s basketball team won the 2013 National Championship, Rushton said the admissions site saw an extra 127 percent traffic increase.

Jackson alone is giving people something to talk about. As he continues to make a strong stretch for the Heisman Trophy, all eyes are on him as he continues to aid the Cardinals in winning.

“Having a superstar athlete is such a cool thing and having a high caliber player like Lamar Jackson while a student here is truly an experience,” junior Allison Gentner said.

Jackson started off the season as a 100-1 favor in the Heisman odds, but now sits at 4-9 odds.

“Winning teams can increase a student, faculty and staff member’s sentiment and dedication to the team, and in many ways your school. Although athletics and academics are largely two different silos on campus, the better our athletics teams do, the stronger the affinity and sentiment toward the university,” said Rushton.


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