October 17, 2016

Ticket rules frustrate students


By Sloane Donovan–

We’re in the middle of football season, but basketball is right around the corner. And then the cycle will continue and football will be back. Student tickets are the most affordable option for all our empty college kid pockets if we want to attend any games. But with affordable comes inconvenient.

Student must buy tickets in a combination package, meaning for one price you get to attend football and basketball games. But what if you and your friend only want basketball tickets because you really don’t like football?

“Per a recent meeting with our Student Government Association, Athletics and Dean of Students office, we felt this (selling football and basketball tickets together) was the best option moving forward for student ticket options,” Brad Barber, assistant athletic director for operations and tickets said.

According to Barber, this was done years ago, and has been implemented again to “allow for consistency across both sports.”

“I would prefer to buy them separately,” senior Emily Russ said.

“We meet with SGA each year to determine the best policies for the students,” Barber said. “At this time, we do not foresee changing it to allow the purchase of football or basketball only, but this is always subject to change.”

Senior Melissa Brummette says she wishes student tickets were sold separately. “It doesn’t make sense for college students who are graduating in December and don’t plan on staying in Kentucky for the following year to buy the basketball tickets with football tickets.”

More frustration comes after tickets have already been purchased: claiming them. Russ said she liked the claim process. Brummette disagreed.

“I would rather just buy individual tickets outside of collegiate to avoid the claiming and student lines before the game,” said Brummette.

Some students have opted out of attending games altogether.

“I’ve gone to games just to claim tickets and I’ve also just not had the opportunity to go to games, such as this year because I didn’t want a combo package,” Brummette said.

SGA Executive Vice President Amanda Nitzken said the rule reflects decisions by her predecessor, and Nitzken will adhere to student opinions.

“Last year’s Executive Vice President, Caitlin Durgin, met with athletics to create the combo-package which they believed would best serve those purposes,” Nitzken said.

“This year, I am eager to gather student opinion on the ticket package and propose a revised plan to athletics for the 2017-2018 school year. Our SGA strives to represent student opinion in all of our interactions with administrative offices on campus, and I do not plan to support the package deal if students are not satisfied with it. ”


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