October 7, 2016

U of L Uncensored speaks out against stigmas

By Briana Williams–

Students voiced concerns for campus issues in the U of L Uncensored event on Oct. 6. Held by the Cultural Center and the SAB diversity committee, students discussed topics like gender, race and ethnicity, LGBT acceptance and mental health stigmas.

U of L Uncensored allowed students to speak out against stigmas they face through an open-mic style conversation.

The night was an emotional one for many students who spoke, as they remembered their struggles and triumphs. Student Kayla Clarkson was visibly choked up as she discussed her involvement in last week’s silent “Die-In” protest against police brutality.

Clarkson also used the platform to encourage other students to speak up. “If you ever hear someone saying something that you feel is wrong, speak up and take a stand,” Clarkson said.

“Don’t apologize for your feelings. Don’t apologize for being misunderstood. Let it out and be heard,” student Asha Brown said.

The committee was surprised at the large turnout for the event, but still offered free shirts to those in attendance.

SAB’s diversity committee’s mission is to enlighten the student body on the different lifestyles and cultures surrounding them on campus.

Photos by Cassidy Meurer / The Louisville Cardinal

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